In Multimedia class, we learned coding language which is Python. We start learning Python with the basic step such as writing with string, Boolean, Comparison, if statement, elif statement, else statement and role of and, or and not in Python. After learning the basic course of python, we start learning about for loop and while loop that contains break statement and continues statement. The computer has its own words like us human that’s why we need to learn their language to control the system for them to work. We also use code Academy to improve our skill in computer science. Here is some code of Python:

By: Kuychan You


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In math class, we learn a different unit of math every day so for round 2 we learned about decimal. The beginning of class, it always the start of how you need to know and calculate it. For decimal, we start learning about the place of the decimal which the decimal start with tenth and continue to hundredth, thousandth and more. Calculate decimal is not difficult because it’s like calculate the whole number, but it weird when you multiply or divide with it. There are always tricks for math so is multiply and divide decimal. For multiplication, you need to move point to the left and for division move point to the right. The zero is always useless after the decimal. We also do Khan Academy to improve our decimal skill. For this term, it’s ended for decimal and continue to the next one.


Black Snake Experiment

The global moment of carbon between the abiotic environment, including the ocean and organisms, is known as the carbon cycle. Most of everything on earth is made out of carbon.

Thursday is an experiment for STEM class, so we did the black snake experiment. This is the formula of the black snake experiment:

  • 20 gram of sugar
  • One bowl of sand
  • 5 gram of baking soda
  • Some alcohol
  • A beaker
  • A lighter or match

The step to making:

  • First, put a full bowl of sand and wet it with alcohol
  • Second, mixed sugar and baking soda together in a beaker
  • Then, pour sugar and baking sugar out of the beaker and pour it in the middle of the sand
  • Finally, fire it with a lighter or match to make it burn and you will see the result

The Search for Identity

English Literacy always has its own theme for each school term and for this term our theme is about “The Search for Identity”. We are having our assessment which is reading a fictional book to identify the characters and having a discussion with our team about the story every week with different roles such as Inferencer, Summarizer, Symbolizer, Words Detector and Visualizer. For me, I am reading a book by John Green, Looking for Alaska. Like a quote from John Green about looking for Alaska written: “An only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive”.  That is why identify characters and author meaning in a book is very important. The way story in Looking for Alaska tell is more like a romance novel, but it’s also about a friendship that suffers together in a boarding school. However, in this class, we also create our own poems that inspire by George Ella Lyon who is a girl from Kentucky, United State. I have my own poem which is about “I am from” that related to our theme. This is my poem:

I am from a tricycle,

from Dumex and gruel

I am from the Lumber smooth

I am from the jujube

The java apple whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.


I’m from red pocket and Caishen,

from Grandmother and Father

I’m from gathering and sharing,

and from remembering.


I’m from spirit told and helping,

and “S’art Jea Nix” that sing along

I’m from Lunar New Year

I’m from the Red Cross sign and Cantonese spiderweb,

family recipe cookies and marine under the river

from a flow of the river from China,

Grandma ends up in Steung Treng

Bracelet of working hard

In my heart, the achieve after Bloodshed