The Process of Outdoor Leadership Program

For this round, our Outdoor program is working on translating our English module to Khmer language which is our native first language. Since our target participant is Cambodian high school so we need our workshop to be in Khmer. Not only translating the module, we also started a workshop with our Liger students to get feedback, and also the improvement that we need before contribute it outside to other students. 

Mission Started

After trying the workshop flow, and recheck the module in Khmer, now our journey started. During the time that we worked on our module, we also started to find our partner. Kape is an organization that is located in Kampong Cham. We started by getting to know their students by playing some games; name games, and energizer games. It is not only about game, we also try out some of our workshop activities to see how can we change the structure once we work with them. Also, we observe that many students really passionate about this field, and really want to catch this opportunity

Time passed, we change, and recheck our module, and structure again. After that, we try out with another school. Happy Chandara is school that found by a French NGO that give a free quality education for every woman in Cambodia from primary to high school. Our team spent a whole morning doing workshop, played games, and get to know each other further. It was a really great experience for us to contribute this to them.

The Experience

As an Outdoor leaders, we are not only focus on workshop, but we also need to experience the outdoors, and how to lead others during trip. Our team used to go to Kirirom National Park, and Mondulkiri province last year so this year we did a further challenge for me, and also the team. We went to Aural mountain which is the tallest mountain in Cambodia. Spending 3 days, and two nights in Aural mountain was a memorable experience even though we don’t get to reach the mountain top, but we got to see beautiful nature, the sound of animals, and also challenging myself with a steep hiking. 

The Outcome

There is always sharation at Liger at the end of every exploration round. I am really happy to share people with my experience, my journey, and how I am as an Outdoor leader. I am a person who never love to hike, do exercise or anything hard, but this is me changing myself into a different person. Now, I am Kuychan You who love hiking, seeing nature, be an outdoor leader, and continue with this incredible experience.


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