Traditional Food Exploration

This is a traditional food exploration which we are focusing on explore tradition in Cambodia, story behind each dish, to understand the transformation of Cambodian traditional foods from the past to the present and future and discover and share how food impacts family, society, and culture. To find good answers for our goal, we need to go on the trip and interview some of the professional chefs to see the different perspective from them. As we interviewed them, we found two different definitions of Cambodian food and Khmer food. From a perspective of chef Joannes Riviere who own Cuisine Wat Damnak restaurant in Siem Reap said that “Cambodia food and Khmer food is different. Cambodia food is some kind of food that influenced by other countries but has been eaten in Cambodia a long time ago. For Khmer food is foods or recipe that created by our ancestors themselves.” For chef Kethana who own Sugar Palm restaurant in Siem Reap said that “There are no differences between Cambodia food and Khmer food.” To end our exploration successfully, we had created a blog called “Khmer Cuisine”.

English Literacy, Justice

Literacy has been increase in this past few year. I learnt different type of sentences until paragraphs and now essay. Last year, our class mostly written about descriptive essay and now we are writing argumentative essay. Before starting to write the argumentative essay, we learnt the SDGs goal which was Environmental Justice that were talking about the minority group in Connecticut. Also, we have been assign to have four team which had a different country that is talking about people who are staying in the landfill. Also, we got to know a little bit about the data of civil justice in Southeast Asia. To end the goal, we learnt more about social Justice and how the problems affect us. To come to conclusion of the term, now we are writing a argumentative about our past explorations that are solving problems or somethings related to SDGs goal.

The Three Type of Bond

This is the second term of learning Physical science is about the three bonding. They are Covalent bond, ionic bond and metallic bond. It seems that the name is really different to each other, but the explanation is similar. Ionic bond is a bond that one element give give the electrons to other element. For example, Sodium gives its electron to Chlorine. Covalent bond is a bond that  elements share each other electrons. For instance, Oxygen share electrons with other Oxygen element. Metallic bond is a bond that one element shared electron with other element. For example, Copper and Silver.