Double Exposure Photo, Adobe Photoshop

For the whole year, we have been learning many different things like coding, story structure, Adobe, and many other things, but for the last chapter of this school year, I got to choose what I want to improve on more. For that, I chose to learn about Adobe Photoshop which is one of the Adobe programs that I need to be more familiar. Most people use photoshop is to only create a poster, menu or other simple canvas, but for me, I want to experience something new and look creative so I chose to work on Double Exposure Photo.

This is also my first time using photoshop to create a project than just learning to use the basic tools in it. I chose to learn Double Exposure Photo because it is one way to learn to edit, to cut and to learn more about art collaborate in one shot. When I learned, I used or known as Adorama Learning Center to learn as it is a great guiding website that includes both steps of doing it or video by showing it in Photoshop. For me, I prefer more on using video because it shows the basic and clearer information than writing. Even though watching video help to understand a lot than writing, but I still need to get it to slow down as there are tools and setting that I need to know more so I try to learn by seeing the tutorial and the explanation about what the different tools do to every part of the photo we are using. Doing a Double Exposure photo is challenging, but it’s fun once you accomplish it. It is like when you hike 20 km and once you reach the destination, you see the picturesque view. Another thing when you learn this is to have patience because there may be problems and photoshop is not responding so that is why patience is a way to make you succeed your goal. Once you finish it,  you are going to feel proud of your work.

My first Double Exposure Photo
My second Double Exposure Photo
My third Double Exposure Photo

Python List

During the multimedia class, we continue from the python lesson from last term, but for this session we are learning about python list. To learn that, we need to understand what is list to python. List is basically a collection of items that is ordered and changeable, written in square bracket and also allow to duplicate the items. Accessing Items is like to reach to one specific items that you want. Also, remember that the computer always count from zero. For example:

thislist = [“Ant”, “Bear”, “Cat”]

print (thislist[1])

Once this code activate, it will print “Bear” because as I mention before python start to count from zero so “Ant” is zero, “Bear” is one and “Cat” is two. Also the word that are in the list is called “index”. We also can change the index in the code from “Bear” to “Elephant”. In class we called that a change the items value. For instance:

thislist = [“Ant”, “Bear”, “Cat”]

thislist[1] = “Elephant”

print (thislist)

This code will print “Ant”, “Elephant”, “Cat” because in the python code, it tell to change from “Bear” to “Elephant”. Once you print it, you will see it like this: “Ant”, “Bear “Cat”, but you want it to be like a checklist so you can use this code to make it become like a checklist:

thislist = [“Ant”, “Bear”, “Cat”]

for x in thislist:


After you do it, you will see it print:




These are some of the functions that use in the python list. There are more that we can use such as how to check if the items exist, list length, Append, Insert and Remove items. Also, there is a python dictionaries, but I only write about the Python list. To learn this code, it is really challenging for me because as I am not a native English speaker and now I have to learn more about computer language.



In Multimedia class, we learned coding language which is Python. We start learning Python with the basic step such as writing with string, Boolean, Comparison, if statement, elif statement, else statement and role of and, or and not in Python. After learning the basic course of python, we start learning about for loop and while loop that contains break statement and continues statement. The computer has its own words like us human that’s why we need to learn their language to control the system for them to work. We also use code Academy to improve our skill in computer science. Here is some code of Python:

By: Kuychan You

Photography Basic

As I said in the description of me that hobby make me become a great photographer. I like photography in this reality world. In my multimedia class which I learned more basic about photography which is the exposure triangle, it consist Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. These are basic knowledge that we make our photos better and its editable, but mostly photographers use modes in camera as Aperture mode which easier to be flexible by using it.


Shutter speed is one mode in the exposure triangle that mostly used to capture motion. It’s measure in fraction of a second. The higher the shutter speed is, it can captured motion easily, but it’s will bring less light. The lower the shutter speed is, it will bring more light, but can’t easily captured the motion.

Aperture is the size of opening lens that let the lights come through the camera. The wide aperture will has a shallow depth of field. The narrow  aperture will has a deep depth of field which is good for landscape, scenery and long shot. Depth of field is the changes of the background which change into blurry or not.

ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. Once we have no more choice to let the light come through the camera by changing Aperture or Shutter speed, we would want to increase the ISO. When higher the ISO, the more noise it will create in your photo which make it hard for editing and also it’s don’t look good.

With this technique, it’s will make photo has a good quality with it, but also we technique to take photo and different angle to make it more effective, give more details and showing emotion. Most photographer use Long shot, Full shot, Medium shot, Close up, Extreme close up, Low angle, High angle, Eye level, Dutch angle/tilt, over the shoulder or bird’s eye view.

Full shot
Medium shot
Close up
Extremely close up
Low angle
High angle
Eye level
Bird’s eye view




Learning Adobe

For this first school year, we are starting learning Computer Science and Multimedia. I learn how to use Adobe In-design, Adobe Light room and Adobe Photoshop. I learn a lot from this study and I know how to use the platform, editing and creating my own poster or even book. I enjoy learning this kind of things because it is challenge for me with different tools and it is useful for most of the occupation that people need nowadays. To learn this I need time and practice, but I never regret what I have learn because it has their own benefit. To future, I wish I could learn more about Adobe and can use every types of it.