“Make a Wish, Take a Chance, Make a Change”

I have a chance to grow up and experience many things as a usual Asian kid. There are many things that we do especially wish or pray for things, but usually, we never work to accomplish it.  I know that some people are born to continue their family business, but every people on earth at least take a chance to create a change. I am here in a boarding school to be a change agent and every year, at least I got to do some small change to my community, local opinion or even social opinion. This year, I have been doing a workshop to a school from Singapore,  Model United Nation and Tos Merl or known as the Traveling Theater that we have created.

Liger and Crest have partnered to do a workshop as Crest Secondary School visit Cambodia from Singapore. This workshop is to show leadership skills that we have in our school to share with them. Doing a workshop for Singapore students is exciting. My team and I have prepared it as good as we can to make a one day workshop worth to the students that spend their time with us. As a Leadership school, we want to show them our unique learning and our student’s leadership skills. This is a significant chance for me to share and learn. As we begin a workshop, it is a little bit hard because we need to make them feel welcome and comfortable to do things with enjoyment. It makes me see the reality of how people connected to each other in different ways. In this small workshop, I have changed at least 20 people mind to do a new style of living, learning and team building. To that, it is one of the prospect’s skills in the future that everyone needs to have.

There are wars, conflicts, and issues from country to state to province and to many people that are in enormous suffering.  That is why there is a United Nation that collaborates with many other organizations and countries around the world. To that, different school starts to create a Model United Nation that allows students to discuss the issues that are currently happening. It is a tremendous opportunity for me or any students to learn about the current event not only in a specific country but, in a world that accommodates 195 countries. I learned to be a delegate that tries to solve the problems about countries and others. This is a great starting process for us students in the future because the United Nation can solve their 17 goals by getting help from the citizens, especially the young generation.

Most of Cambodian never had the opportunity to see a play, especially in the rural area so we have an exploration that gives Cambodian a chance to see a play. This is really an unexpected opportunity for us because, for me, I never know that Cambodian never have a chance to see a play or even have groups of people go and hosting a campaign that’s why I learn that it’s really important for us and others to show them an educated play, films, and other shows. As I experience on a trip, it made me really proud to see the villagers express their feelings and show how they really need this in the community, especially for their children to learn.  This is a small part to see a true problem and knows about Cambodian needs.

Things are always full of needs and help. I learned a lot about our people’s needs and social thought. I see the conflict and feel the redness that shows it needs help. I hear the sound of shouts to get succor. My five senses all feel what is now needed. The new generation will the 17 goals to their last chapter like a novel. Every life born to “Make a Wish, Take a Chance and Make a Change” to the country and to the planet that we are living in.

Independent Semester

Being a grade 8 student is not that easy as you may think. I am a middle school student in the Leadership Academy and now in my English Literacy class is that the other classmates and I need to work independently and manage our time wisely like a University student. I need to schedule my own time and complete task on time without someone telling me to use this time for this or that so it is my priority to manage it and complete it. The How-to essay, How I change Cambodia, Vocabulary Log and Novel study are my and other students priority. Especially working on Novel and working it with a partner is more challenging as you need to keep this up daily. 

To Killed a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

My partner(Reaksmey) and I are reading to Killed a Mocking Bird written by Harper Lee. It is a very educational novel with high vocabulary for the learner to learn. An interesting fact about this book is that during the time that this book was published, there is no other author who would write about the stereotype and different people view others. We also write about our book review to this.


For me, I highly recommend this book to other students who interest in society in the past and how American stereotype used to be. Even though it is a fictional story, but it based on society during that time.

2018 – 2019 Last Exploration

This is the last exploration for this school year 2018 – 2019. The interesting points about this exploration are that we contribute the learning from an actual actress and actual movie director; Lianne O’Shea and Avive Rubinstein. It is a really great pleasure for us middle students to have a chance and learn with them. As we learn, it seems like we are the professional and we know the ideas of how the actors and set crews need to prepare for filming. 

Lianne O’Shea
Avive Rubinstien


We need to know how the story goes and we learn about monomyths or known as the hero’s journey. Anyone can create a story, but a good story needs conflict into it so that readers started to feel the feeling of uncontrolled of how the main characters suffer.



It seems like one of my favorites things to do, but it is too complicated if you have no passion for it. I learned that there are 2, 799, 360 shots so that if you are real professional cinematography, you properly don’t use only wide-angle and closeup for your film. There are more about this, but it’s too long to just write it.



I am a shy person in front of strangers, but Lianne makes me start to have confidence and stop thinking about other people opinion. Acting class is not all about act and act and act, but it also includes meditation and knowing about the position where you can tell people that they are different without talking. 



Writing screenplay is not as easy as you may know. You need to write that can shoe the director, actors, and cinematographer to understand what do to want to act in that part or at this part. “Cinematographer think that they are creative in taking cinematography, but instead it was the writer who writes the screenplay that shows what the cinematographer need to do.” said Avive.


Last but not least is my own experience. Onset, I am an assistant director which everyone found it to be so cool, but it is not. It is an endless job even before the set start or even during the set. It seems like the actor and actress are kids, I need to keep them where I can see them or where I can know them easily. As I run around, shouting to keep everyone along with me and keep up with the director and cinematographer, it is tiredness, but a great experience.


Human Have Their Laws so For Objects

Example of First Newton’s Law

Every object has its own law like us human. In STEM class, we learned about Newton’s law of motion which includes First, Second and Third law of Newton. Newton’s First law of motion is also known as the law of  Inertia. Inertia is a tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion. For example, when you suddenly stop the car. The car will stop, but your body stills keep moving forward. Newton’s Second law is focusing on the factors which are acceleration and Net force.  Newton’s Third law force that reacts in pair when hitting each other. Other than that, we learned about Fluid Force which is focusing on pressure. To learn more about the pressure of fluids, we do an experiment of the egg into the bottle. We burned to create smoke and put it into the bottle and it creates heat so when we put the egg on the bottle, the pressure will pull the egg in. After that, we need to get the egg out of the bottle so we blow into the bottle. Once it contains full of air so the pressure inside will help the egg to come out of the bottle. People may think it is luck, but behind it is full of science.


In math class, there are tons of numbers and tons of techniques that we have studied. I am one of the students that never enjoy doing things with Math, but as time go one, I start to understand the benefits and my life that need math to survive. Even though math is full of number, but for me, I keep it as an experience or a life problem that need to be fixed. It helps me with my logistic and thinking to be better. This is just our second year for me and other students to learn math in English which really make us understand. For my whole year of learning math, it kind of learning different to adapt to a new and weird thing.

As we are preparing for the next school year, the last chapter of this school year is learning and understanding algebra. In class, we learned and we practice it every single to get used to it and also to get used to the trick of an algebra equation. Even though we used to learn algebra in government before we are here in Liger, but it is always our challenge and obstacle to learning it due to the language and the old and modern ways of solving problems. The style of learning math always makes us improve our skills.

Double Exposure Photo, Adobe Photoshop

For the whole year, we have been learning many different things like coding, story structure, Adobe, and many other things, but for the last chapter of this school year, I got to choose what I want to improve on more. For that, I chose to learn about Adobe Photoshop which is one of the Adobe programs that I need to be more familiar. Most people use photoshop is to only create a poster, menu or other simple canvas, but for me, I want to experience something new and look creative so I chose to work on Double Exposure Photo.

This is also my first time using photoshop to create a project than just learning to use the basic tools in it. I chose to learn Double Exposure Photo because it is one way to learn to edit, to cut and to learn more about art collaborate in one shot. When I learned, I used Adorama.com or known as Adorama Learning Center to learn as it is a great guiding website that includes both steps of doing it or video by showing it in Photoshop. For me, I prefer more on using video because it shows the basic and clearer information than writing. Even though watching video help to understand a lot than writing, but I still need to get it to slow down as there are tools and setting that I need to know more so I try to learn by seeing the tutorial and the explanation about what the different tools do to every part of the photo we are using. Doing a Double Exposure photo is challenging, but it’s fun once you accomplish it. It is like when you hike 20 km and once you reach the destination, you see the picturesque view. Another thing when you learn this is to have patience because there may be problems and photoshop is not responding so that is why patience is a way to make you succeed your goal. Once you finish it,  you are going to feel proud of your work.

My first Double Exposure Photo
My second Double Exposure Photo
My third Double Exposure Photo

Outdoor Leadership Exploration


This is where we do camping.

This is a new experience for me to go trekking, seeing the beauty of nature and camping to enjoy my life more. In this exploration, it means a lot to people and students like me to learn of living in nature and learning to help people especially the wilderness first-aid that include many steps that I never imagined I have a chance to learn it. Also, I learned how to adapt more with the environment when I’m outdoors and the determination to reach the goal and it’s worth to do it. There are many risks to take once I’m outdoors, but it what I can choose to challenge and choose to stay out of my comfort zone. To sleep in a tent is not comfortable like I sleep on a soft bed, I need to make myself from the feeling of uncomfortable until comfortable and I need to make sure it’s clean and always close the door because it might have some insects.

The long distance of trekking for me to see the waterfall is very unique and experience to do. Also, the long way to see different nature and birds fly from one tree to another tree. As I arrived in a different place, I saw different things like a place where butterflies all gather in one bush and where fish live happily in their habitat. The path that hard to trek gives me the challenge to do it, the strong current of the waterfall that inspires me to push more and the birds that persuade me to explore. The needs vs wants that need to decide to bring on the trek. The fun that from friends even though it is tired or some of us get, but there is still power to encourage us. The songs during the trek like a playlist that never stop to create more energy for us. I enjoyed a lot during the trip and in this exploration even though there are problems or sadness that were happening.

This is the best experience that I never imagined. I scared of using the natural bathroom, but there is no choice for us to choose when we are outdoor. I scared of insects, but things may or may not happen when I am outdoor to explore nature. I afraid of weather that can cause problems to my health, but that is life to live outdoors. I never know how hard or joyful it is until I experience it on my own.

How to be Happy when you have Cancer

How to be happy or how to keep a positive attitude when you have cancer? That is a very hard question to ask because you already know that you have cancer that is growing inside your body. It also very hard to stay happy or positive when you have a danger disease. Once the doctor said “You have cancer” and that when you start to feel negative about your health and start to think of the death that are coming to grab you out of this beautiful world that you have. People always said to you to stay positive, but it is hard because there isn’t a good evidence that tell when cancer patients are happy they can live longer life.


But let’s face the reality and show them you can do it. Your family and friends are your supporters and they are always beside you to encourage, bring energy and positive power to stand up to the cruel life that you have. It is time to be happy and enjoy your life not a time that you are sad and stay in the corner of the room getting more stress once you already have a cancer. No matter what will happen to you at end, but you still now have a chance to stay happy, live normal like other and also do somethings you want. So stay out of that emotion and start considering this following tips that are recommend from cancer.gov:


  1. Don’t limit things you like you do when you have a cancer. Push yourself and keep a positive thought that you will be fine. You may have a feeling that you are not in mood to do what you like or what you want to do, but don’t let’s those feeling stop you. Like people said “Stay out of your comfort zone” so you should stay out of those uncomfortable feeling and start the things you want to do before it’s too late. Your family, your friends and other people around you always there and help you to succeed your goals. Try to use the energy and power to used to have to do things you like and make those moment memorable to you and people who always there to encourage you to stand up.
  2. There are also different ways for different patients who had cancer to be happy so spending time in nature is a very unique ways to light up the mood of the day. Nature is a place where most people can enjoy with it easily because the environment that it already have and the new animals. You can bring a book, a journal, a sketch book or a camera to take a picture of it to share to the people you love to show that you are happy even though you are in a bad condition that make people pity you. Once you are in nature that means you are in a quiet space, but not in a lonely space because nature will help to light up you mood and create a very beautiful day.
  3. Even though, you are having cancer that doesn’t mean that you are the only one on earth who have cancer so you can start to read or listen to the story of other people with cancer who are leading active live. Try to take hope from those people that will turn back to normal life. You will be happy when you  read their stories and there are many positive and inspire stories there waiting for you to read them. According to cancer.org published in 2016, there are many cancer survivors and one girl get to have cancer when she in grade 6. After many positive thought and happiness during the treatment, she successfully only need to heal her cancer not with the depression. Also she created a song about cancer that called “Strength is in the soul”. Listen and read to their stories to explore more about life when you have cancer.


You can use these strategies to overcome your fear and start gain more happiness during your treatment. Even though, this might not easy to adapt once you are in a complicated situation, but I still encourage you to try this tips as hard as you can. To that, I really wish that you as a cancer patients will have a success treat and enjoy your time.

អត្ថន័យនៃពាក្យ ខ្មែរ​ និង កម្ពុជា


ពាក្យ កម្ពុជា នៅក្នុងវចនានុក្រមព្រះសង្ឃរាជជួនណាត ពាក្យនេះ អាចសរសេរបានពីរ

  • កម្ពុជ
  • កម្ពុជា

ពាក្យថាកម្ពុជា កើតមកពីការផ្សំគ្នាដែលមានដូចខាងក្រោម

  • កម្ពុ = មាស
  • ជ ឬជា = កើត​ កំណើត
  • ដូច្នេះ   កម្ពុជា =​ ទីកើតមាស  ភូមិប្រទេស ជាទីកើតនៃមាស ។
  • យើងអាចហៅប្រទេសយើងថា កម្ពុជរដ្ឋ   កម្ពុជប្រទេស ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា ប្រទេសខ្មែរ  ខេមរប្រទេស ខេមររដ្ឋ




          ពាក្យថាខ្មែរ មានថ្នាក់ពាក្យជានាម មានន័យថា

  • មនុស្សដែលកើត ឬនៅក្នុងដែនកម្ពុជា ហើយលុះ នៅក្នុង អំណាចច្បាប់ខ្មែរ
  • ខេមរៈ =  ខ្មែរ នៅក្នុងភាសាបាលី ប្រែថា មនុស្សមានសេចក្ដីក្សេម

ភាពខុសគ្នារវាង ខ្មែរ និងកម្ពុជា

  • ខ្មែរ = មនុស្ស និង ភាសារបស់កម្ពុជា
  • កម្ពុជា​ = ឈ្មោះរបស់ប្រទេស




Math has been going on in life since I was born. This subject is really important for us students to learn, but as a learner I know that math is really a complicated subject for almost every students. Even though it’s a grade one or a university math problems, but it still a difficult work until you learn, understand and practice it everyday and most of the time in your life and those problems are counting number, adding or subtracting different number. Everyday in your life, you spend money so you at least know how to count it, calculate it and also know the place of the number until a million place. Now, I do learn different kind of math, but for this term we are focusing on the percentage and angles. As you know, there are many things, living organism or even the economy in the country use percentage to tell the data or statistic. There are billion of animals so what we do is estimate it and calculate it as a percentage that is easier to memorize. Also, angles do take part in every of your daily life and connect a lot to physic. Even when you want to make a table, you need to talk about angle in it. So keep calm and learn math creatively as the way you understand it.