Traditional Food Exploration

This is a traditional food exploration which we are focusing on explore tradition in Cambodia, story behind each dish, to understand the transformation of Cambodian traditional foods from the past to the present and future and discover and share how food impacts family, society, and culture. To find good answers for our goal, we need to go on the trip and interview some of the professional chefs to see the different perspective from them. As we interviewed them, we found two different definitions of Cambodian food and Khmer food. From a perspective of chef Joannes Riviere who own Cuisine Wat Damnak restaurant in Siem Reap said that “Cambodia food and Khmer food is different. Cambodia food is some kind of food that influenced by other countries but has been eaten in Cambodia a long time ago. For Khmer food is foods or recipe that created by our ancestors themselves.” For chef Kethana who own Sugar Palm restaurant in Siem Reap said that “There are no differences between Cambodia food and Khmer food.” To end our exploration successfully, we had created a blog called “Khmer Cuisine”.

English Literacy, Justice

Literacy has been increase in this past few year. I learnt different type of sentences until paragraphs and now essay. Last year, our class mostly written about descriptive essay and now we are writing argumentative essay. Before starting to write the argumentative essay, we learnt the SDGs goal which was Environmental Justice that were talking about the minority group in Connecticut. Also, we have been assign to have four team which had a different country that is talking about people who are staying in the landfill. Also, we got to know a little bit about the data of civil justice in Southeast Asia. To end the goal, we learnt more about social Justice and how the problems affect us. To come to conclusion of the term, now we are writing a argumentative about our past explorations that are solving problems or somethings related to SDGs goal.

The Three Type of Bond

This is the second term of learning Physical science is about the three bonding. They are Covalent bond, ionic bond and metallic bond. It seems that the name is really different to each other, but the explanation is similar. Ionic bond is a bond that one element give give the electrons to other element. For example, Sodium gives its electron to Chlorine. Covalent bond is a bond that  elements share each other electrons. For instance, Oxygen share electrons with other Oxygen element. Metallic bond is a bond that one element shared electron with other element. For example, Copper and Silver.

Geometry and Ratio

This is the second term of 2018 – 2019. We finished Primary Mathematics 5A book and about to start the new one. For this term, we are learning Geometry and Ratio a lot which give the ideas what it’s like to measure shapes and using ratio as a daily life in the future. For example, if you having a job and you need to manage your money on needs, wants and save which ratio would help. It’s also help comparing the different between things easily especially, gender.

Example of having job and need to be decide in other needs, wants and save

For geometry, we are focusing a lot on finding areas especially for triangles and rectangles. As we start learning geometry, it’s leaning from first by counting grid and later calculation until solving harder and harder problems. Sometimes, it’s hard as it more difficult for the word problems, but that’s things need to be challenge in math. However, solving problems always have technique to solve it easily especially try to understand it at the very first start.

Photography Basic

As I said in the description of me that hobby make me become a great photographer. I like photography in this reality world. In my multimedia class which I learned more basic about photography which is the exposure triangle, it consist Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. These are basic knowledge that we make our photos better and its editable, but mostly photographers use modes in camera as Aperture mode which easier to be flexible by using it.


Shutter speed is one mode in the exposure triangle that mostly used to capture motion. It’s measure in fraction of a second. The higher the shutter speed is, it can captured motion easily, but it’s will bring less light. The lower the shutter speed is, it will bring more light, but can’t easily captured the motion.

Aperture is the size of opening lens that let the lights come through the camera. The wide aperture will has a shallow depth of field. The narrow  aperture will has a deep depth of field which is good for landscape, scenery and long shot. Depth of field is the changes of the background which change into blurry or not.

ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. Once we have no more choice to let the light come through the camera by changing Aperture or Shutter speed, we would want to increase the ISO. When higher the ISO, the more noise it will create in your photo which make it hard for editing and also it’s don’t look good.

With this technique, it’s will make photo has a good quality with it, but also we technique to take photo and different angle to make it more effective, give more details and showing emotion. Most photographer use Long shot, Full shot, Medium shot, Close up, Extreme close up, Low angle, High angle, Eye level, Dutch angle/tilt, over the shoulder or bird’s eye view.

Full shot
Medium shot
Close up
Extremely close up
Low angle
High angle
Eye level
Bird’s eye view




#1 How I change Cambodia

What am I born with? Nothing! Everyone is born with nothing even clothes, money or knowledge. What are many millionaires, billionaires or royal family born with?  They are all the same. Just like some of those people born as a high class family or a low class family. I do know this is our destiny, but if you have a great destiny, you should never look down or even have a stereotype to someone especially women. In Cambodia, this stereotype to women happen since the 12th century. People always said “Women stayed home, men went out and work”. This phrase is annoying. It’s already gone and the new world and new technology is growing.

I have been doing many projects through this year, but some of it was about the stereotype that people been confusing especially girls in technology. I joined Technovation which is a program for girls in technology. To join this program, it is very convenient for persuading girls. I joined the program for two years and I see how it’s changing by girls in technology. In 2017, there aren’t many girls interested, but in 2018, there are twice more girls than last year and it makes me proud to see it. The population of girls joining this program was really fast because of the girls who won to San Francisco, America. Even though, I am not one of them, but I am one part of Technovation who empowering girls. This program make other girls change their stereotype including me.

In the early 2018, I got to go to Singapore for the Robotic competition which participate by many schools in Southeast Asia and East Asia. It was difficult and needs to work hard for it. Even though we got only seven weeks to go, but we tried our best to do it. There are also judges that judge on our presentation about problem and solution of water, but one question had come out from them. Did you girls do this project and the boys code the robot? It’s come out as a stereotype. We answered that we all worked together and there’s no worked assigned by gender. Gender equality is still happened even though the society said no more stereotype. However, I already change some of the people mind which say no stereotype to girl which they always said no girls in technology. As I share it to three people, it already means I shared it to the world.

To sum up, what I write about How I change Cambodia is basically to stereotype based on girls. To change stereotype and to have gender equity for our women. Even though it just a little change, but I’ve changed it. To change a big world is starting from the little changing. As like one quote said “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.

English Literacy

In Liger, all the students are native Khmer, but we learned English Literacy in our class. In the first term of school year, we focusing on one theme which is about root words and it’s basically about ancient and history of English language which had create from different period of time. We also learn about the timeline of different things happen that related to the language every year. As our school is a based learning school, we also watching different videos, work on some poem and read fiction and non-fiction articles that related to our theme. As I learn through this, I know that some of the English words are from Greek or even Latin. I as a Cambodian student with classmates also correlate the theme to Cambodia language that some of the Khmer words are from French because of the French Colonization in the past. I really enjoy learning this theme.


In mathematics class, we are learning about different things, but in this term mostly we are learning about fraction. It’s one of the lesson from our math book called Primary Mathematics 5A. It’s easy to learn how to calculate different things, but it will be more easy if I practice time to time. Also, In math class, calculation is not a problem, but the hard things to do is word problem which is not my first language. Even though, it is hard for me, but I still love it because it’s challenging with make my brain work faster.

Learning Adobe

For this first school year, we are starting learning Computer Science and Multimedia. I learn how to use Adobe In-design, Adobe Light room and Adobe Photoshop. I learn a lot from this study and I know how to use the platform, editing and creating my own poster or even book. I enjoy learning this kind of things because it is challenge for me with different tools and it is useful for most of the occupation that people need nowadays. To learn this I need time and practice, but I never regret what I have learn because it has their own benefit. To future, I wish I could learn more about Adobe and can use every types of it.

Physical Science

In STEM, we are focusing on one theme which is Physical Science. Now, we are learning about matter. How matters are made and different kind of matter. One things that make up matter is atom. For the last two week of this term, we are learning and researching about atom and what create atom. We knew that atom is the particle that can’t with our naked eyes, but there are quarks that create neutrons and protons inside the atom. Scientist found out that quarks is smallest particle that they have found. There are should be smaller particle than quark, but this the only things we know for now. This lesson is new and make more ideas for our Cambodian students in Liger including me.