Outdoor Leadership Exploration


This is where we do camping.

This is a new experience for me to go trekking, seeing the beauty of nature and camping to enjoy my life more. In this exploration, it means a lot to people and students like me to learn of living in nature and learning to help people especially the wilderness first-aid that include many steps that I never imagined I have a chance to learn it. Also, I learned how to adapt more with the environment when I’m outdoors and the determination to reach the goal and it’s worth to do it. There are many risks to take once I’m outdoors, but it what I can choose to challenge and choose to stay out of my comfort zone. To sleep in a tent is not comfortable like I sleep on a soft bed, I need to make myself from the feeling of uncomfortable until comfortable and I need to make sure it’s clean and always close the door because it might have some insects.

The long distance of trekking for me to see the waterfall is very unique and experience to do. Also, the long way to see different nature and birds fly from one tree to another tree. As I arrived in a different place, I saw different things like a place where butterflies all gather in one bush and where fish live happily in their habitat. The path that hard to trek gives me the challenge to do it, the strong current of the waterfall that inspires me to push more and the birds that persuade me to explore. The needs vs wants that need to decide to bring on the trek. The fun that from friends even though it is tired or some of us get, but there is still power to encourage us. The songs during the trek like a playlist that never stop to create more energy for us. I enjoyed a lot during the trip and in this exploration even though there are problems or sadness that were happening.

This is the best experience that I never imagined. I scared of using the natural bathroom, but there is no choice for us to choose when we are outdoor. I scared of insects, but things may or may not happen when I am outdoor to explore nature. I afraid of weather that can cause problems to my health, but that is life to live outdoors. I never know how hard or joyful it is until I experience it on my own.