Independent Semester

Being a grade 8 student is not that easy as you may think. I am a middle school student in the Leadership Academy and now in my English Literacy class is that the other classmates and I need to work independently and manage our time wisely like a University student. I need to schedule my own time and complete task on time without someone telling me to use this time for this or that so it is my priority to manage it and complete it. The How-to essay, How I change Cambodia, Vocabulary Log and Novel study are my and other students priority. Especially working on Novel and working it with a partner is more challenging as you need to keep this up daily. 

To Killed a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

My partner(Reaksmey) and I are reading to Killed a Mocking Bird written by Harper Lee. It is a very educational novel with high vocabulary for the learner to learn. An interesting fact about this book is that during the time that this book was published, there is no other author who would write about the stereotype and different people view others. We also write about our book review to this.


For me, I highly recommend this book to other students who interest in society in the past and how American stereotype used to be. Even though it is a fictional story, but it based on society during that time.

2018 – 2019 Last Exploration

This is the last exploration for this school year 2018 – 2019. The interesting points about this exploration are that we contribute the learning from an actual actress and actual movie director; Lianne O’Shea and Avive Rubinstein. It is a really great pleasure for us middle students to have a chance and learn with them. As we learn, it seems like we are the professional and we know the ideas of how the actors and set crews need to prepare for filming. 

Lianne O’Shea
Avive Rubinstien


We need to know how the story goes and we learn about monomyths or known as the hero’s journey. Anyone can create a story, but a good story needs conflict into it so that readers started to feel the feeling of uncontrolled of how the main characters suffer.



It seems like one of my favorites things to do, but it is too complicated if you have no passion for it. I learned that there are 2, 799, 360 shots so that if you are real professional cinematography, you properly don’t use only wide-angle and closeup for your film. There are more about this, but it’s too long to just write it.



I am a shy person in front of strangers, but Lianne makes me start to have confidence and stop thinking about other people opinion. Acting class is not all about act and act and act, but it also includes meditation and knowing about the position where you can tell people that they are different without talking. 



Writing screenplay is not as easy as you may know. You need to write that can shoe the director, actors, and cinematographer to understand what do to want to act in that part or at this part. “Cinematographer think that they are creative in taking cinematography, but instead it was the writer who writes the screenplay that shows what the cinematographer need to do.” said Avive.


Last but not least is my own experience. Onset, I am an assistant director which everyone found it to be so cool, but it is not. It is an endless job even before the set start or even during the set. It seems like the actor and actress are kids, I need to keep them where I can see them or where I can know them easily. As I run around, shouting to keep everyone along with me and keep up with the director and cinematographer, it is tiredness, but a great experience.